Becky "Painted Brown Sugar" This homozygous, Tobiano, Buckskin mare catches everybody's eye! She came to me as a five year old, unbroken and barely halter broke. Since we've had her, we've put 60 days on her but then decided to breed her.

She is athletic with tons of potential if someone wanted to finish her. She is a great momma and has beautiful babies and no matter what you breed her to, she will always throw color. She has great paint horse bloodlines. With QT Poco Streke, Spotsandmore, Q Ton Eagle and some of the quarter horse greats like, Boston Mac, Sonny Dee Bar.

She currently has a gorgeous, tobiano, buckskin colt by her side. We can sell her with a discounted breeding to our stallion, the sire of that colt. The colt is also listed!

​$4,500. After this colt is weaned, we plan on finishing her out. Her price will go up accordingly.

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