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The Exodus Ranch Equine Mentoring Program

The Exodus Ranch Jullian & Justin Equine Mentoring Program for Foster Children

I know this is long but I encourage you to take a minute and read it. The Exodus Ranch has begun an incredible journey and we sure could us your prayers! Thank you!

Would you like to be a part of loving children? This is what we discussed at tonight's campfire meeting!
Hope you can make the next one!
I want to share the vision we have been given for the Exodus Ranch. As you read keep this in mind; Our plans are big. Much bigger than anything we could accomplish on our own. But we feel that God is leading us in this direction. I have no idea how or when this will come together. It may be that Joe and I are just the keeper of the dream and someone else may see it through. But I am 100% sure that this is why God led us to Douglasville. Please allow me a few minutes to explain all the vision involves. Then, feel free to ask questions or give input. Keep in mind, this is a “Jesus” thing. This is not a world thing. The plans are big but God spoke the world into existence with a word. He can provide all we need IN HIS TIME. His timing.
It is our desire to make a difference through the Exodus Ranch. To love those who are struggling, to give a safe and loving place to children and adults and introduce them to the healing power of Jesus and horses. We want to be the hands and feet of Christ. That doesn't always look the same for every person. For us, it means to show the love of Christ, not just talk about it. Through cowboy camps and riding lessons, rodeo and arena fun, playing and working, we want our lives to show His love. And now, we feel led to do more.The United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations – losing on average between four and seven children every day to child abuse and neglect. A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. The Percentage of children abused, is terrifying!
Physical Abuse 28.3
Sexual Abuse 20.7
Emotional Abuse 10.6
Physical Neglect 9.9
Emotional Neglect 14.8
To put this in perspective: This would PACK 10 modern football stadiums...not with cheering fans, but with hurting children in need of love and a family. Many of these children end up in Foster Care. 40% of Foster children end up on the street and many in the sex trafficking industry. 1 in 4 end up in prison. Joe and I, along with some very dear friends, have been praying through on how we can help. We feel it is the goal of the Exodus Ranch to expand and offer a safe place, love and family to children in the system, as well as women and children who have been caught in sex trafficking market. We want to use the horses and other livestock as therapy, to help them heal, to teach them responsibility and to help them earn scholarship money for education, so they are able to support themselves in the future. To accomplish this, we need to rely on God to provide the finances, property, buildings, equipment and people to bring it all together.
This is a vast list. You may not think they all fit together or it “too much” but we feel it ALL fits together and can be done with the right people, equipment and financial backing.
Our goals in a nutshell:
*To complete our 5013C and gain our non-profit status
*Purchase or have a patron donate a large piece of property in Douglas County. There is a 500-acre piece we would love to have. It is in Douglasville.
Why do we need that much property?
*Three or more Foster Houses; Our goal is to have at least 3 larger homes on the property. They will be lived in by one family each. A mother, father, kids and as many foster children as they can house in each house. Those children would stay with those families unless they are moved back to their parents. They would be a part of those families. They would have chores and responsibility. They would have love and encouragement. They would have the opportunity to be loved and find healing.
*A home for women who have been rescued out of the sex trafficking market, to live with their children *Livestock: Horses, cattle, goats. We would like to use the horses for equine intervention. To help children that are having emotional issues brought on by early trauma. We want to focus on the foster/adopted kids. We want to make it a free service. There have been great results with this type of equine help. We would like the ranch to be as self sustaining as possible. Raising our own crops and livestock. The kids would have responsibility and would help with the running of the ranch. They would learn. Learn to take care of animals, learn to run and fix equipment, learn to grow their own food, learn to be a part of a family. They would have the opportunity to raise a cow/horse/goat/chicken and sell it. Which brings us to the scholarship fund. We would like any money they earn with their livestock to go into a scholarship fund for that child. When they turn 18 that money would help them further their education. Those who aren’t as animal oriented could sell crops/eggs/jams etc with the same purpose, scholarship money. Those interested in horses could learn and help rehabilitate rescue horses and in turn, sell them for scholarship money.
*We want to include the ladies and their children who have been taken out of sex trafficking. The women could learn skills from volunteers who could teach them cosmetology, computer work, sewing or any number of things. Their children would be a part of the ranch programs. They could earn money by selling food/crafts and other items at a Farmer’s market or even at a little shop at the ranch.
*We want a large indoor arena that we could use to host events, to help fund the ranch, to use for rodeos, concerts, church services, corporate events, theater, camps, festivals, etc.
*We want to grow/sell hay and human food items, to help support/feed our livestock and the ranch residents, as well as to sell to help support us financially.
*We want to have fun days at the ranch for those foster kids who are living with other families and adopted kids and their families.
*What do we need to make this a financial reality? WE need about $15 million. Now, hear me clear. I have NO idea how to raise $15 million. No clue. None. But God does. I serve a big God. I choose to walk in faith. If it is His will, he will provide. He uses people to do that. He moves hearts, opens wallets, breaks down walls. He raised the dead. He’s got this. He is giving us all a chance to be a part of the celebration.
The celebration that will happen when we stand before him and says “good job!” The celebration of watching a life change. The celebration of seeing a smile when a child accomplishes something and feels like they are worth something!
*In short, we need a lot. Can we do it? Oh heck no. But God can. The problem with doing something like this is attitude. People tell me “its too much. You can’t do all that.” And to that I say, you are absolutely correct. I can’t. But I choose to walk in faith. I serve a big God. We have been called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Not to sit back and say “its too much.” We need people who truly believe that loving on hurting woman and kids and helping them heal is what Jesus called us to do when he said “love others as yourself” and “take care of the orphans.” We need people who have the guts to actually get their hands and feet dirty, to step out of their comfort zones and quit whining about the mess our world is in and do something about it. In short, we don’t need normal Christians. We need people who are willing to live out the love of Christ and not just talk about it on Sunday mornings. WE need people who are willing to show the world that our God is big and He is faithful and we are the real deal. We love on the unlovable, care about the week and go out of our way to help those in need. We need people who are more concerned about others than their retirement funds or their free time or their personal entertainment. That’s what we need. So, now the big question. How can you help us help them? Here is one way you can help but you are not limited to this!
https://www.gofundme.com/equine-mentoring-for-foster-kids. This program is dedicated to the memory of Jullian Lawson and Justin Jenkins. May their love of horses forever inspire the children.
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